Hockey Summit of the Arts

Photo by Mike Loveless (Bloody Knuckles)

This Tournament is possible every year thanks to these people for their generous donation of time and expertise...

Aaron Brophy
Adam Elliotson
Brent Oliver
Chris Topping & Val
Colin Aussant
Deirdre Norman
Diana Olsen
Eric Dawson
Heather Cunningham
Heather Scanlan
Ian Danzig
Ian Gillies

Jason Abrams
Jeff Waye
Jen Cutts
Jennifer Lovegrove
Jennifer Pierce
Jennifer Sek

Jeremy Moore
Jo @ the Rhino
Julie Martin
Karl McNelly
Kelly Dutton
kNeil Spek
Lukas Vos
MacKenzie Goodwin
Mark McCormick
Mike Loveless
Neil McNeil
Paul Chisholm
Paul Emery
Pete Kesper
Peter Marsh
Phil Gohier
Priscilla Yu
Ray Henderson
Rick Borg
Rob Trick
Robyn Colangelo
Ryan Murphy
Sal Knox

Sarah Cunningham
Scott Barber
Steve Renaud
Sue Vanstone

Tim Muirhead
Tom Carroll
Tom Paterson
Warren Sheffer
Yvonne Matsel & Abbas


Thank You to our corporate sponsors who provided added contributions to make our event a success:



















Program Guide

Mike Loveless - Bloody Knuckles
Jen Cutts – Black Hearts
Sue Vanstone - CCCP
Phil Gohier - CCCP
Aaron Brophy – ChartAttack Hack
Ryan Murphy - Screaming Unyons
Jennifer Lovegrove - Screaming Unyons


GTHLA Fair Play Committee

Priscilla Yu - Lookin' to Score
Sarah Cunningham - Meat
Tim Muirhead - Twisted Sisters
Mark McCormick - Flying Burritos
Julie Martin - Twisted Sisters
Sue Vanstone - CCCP



Ray Henderson - Pneumonia